Our company

Highest Quality - Al Pack is constantly working on the development of its production and quality systems to meet the high expectations of its customers and, more often than not, even to exceed them.

Customer satisfaction -
Al Pack orients its business politics towards the individual needs of its customers, from tailored offers to custom-made product development. Your comment and advice really matters.

Service excellence –
Our highly motivated, professional staff is always available to our customers. No matter if it’s a minor or major demand, our broad portfolio of services puts always the customer at the centre.

Ability to adapt -
Custom requests is a standard procedure for us. We can optimise our production process in a way that suits you best.

Organisation - We have dedicated people for all major functions. Internal discussion happen every day so we have a very fast response to any request.

Precision -
We like to speak in numbers. You always get what you asked for.

Leadership -
Owners and managing staff are very motivated with a lot of knowledge in this field.

Environmental and social responsibility – We are proud that we have a leading role in environmental protection among packaging companies in Serbia. As one of the fastest growing companies in the region, we build on the sustainable interaction with man and nature.