PrePress requirements

Technical guidelines for the submission and type of print data in accordance with the requirements of Al Pack’s Prepress

Printing technology: UV Flexo    
Maximum number of colours (according to the printing press): 7 + 1 (white colour)    
Materials: Aluminium, OPP, Shrink Sleeve    
Photopolymer (printing plate) making: digital (CTP)    
File types: Adobe Illustrator , Adobe Photoshop , PDF, EPS, Corel    
Raster dots (in the data): minimum: 1 %    maximum: 100 %
Trapping 0,2 mm    
Raster Effects Settings: 300dpi    
Size of the Bar-Codes (EAN): Minimum: 85 %   Maximum: 100 %
Minimal text size: Positive: 3pt Negative: 3pt Multiple ink: 3pt
Minimal text size:

Positive: 1mm

Negative: 1mm Multiple ink: 1mm


  1. The submitted files are advised to be editable in Adobe Illustrator or in Adobe Photoshop. If the data is created in another program, the submitted files need to be in high-resolution PDF (print quality) or in EPS format, and readable by the before mentioned programs.
  2. All fonts (including screen and outline fonts) have to be submitted in a separate file. There is an option to vectorize the text, but if that is the case, there is no more a possibility to change the content. It is recommended to submit two versions of the printing data (one with vectorized texts and another unvectorized but with matching fonts).
  3. Photoshop files are advised to be divided into layers.
  4. All textual declarations must be approved by the customer, as well as the barcode (approval of digits is sufficient)
  5. If the product has already been printed by a competitor, please forward the samples.
  6. Technical drawings and the step repeat of the labelling, filling, packaging machine or the die cutting tool have to be submitted. Material type is optional. This is applicable only for printed foils.
  7. If the customer wishes to submit an agency-created print proof, please contact our PrePress department in order to get the ICC profile of our printing presses or use the ISO Coated V2 profile. Please take into account that there may be variances in the printing output because there are different proof-papers and printers.
  8. For the colour reproduction system use the PantoneTM Solid Coated matching system.
  9. You can supply the printing data via a FTP Server (access data must be previously supplied by e-mail or per post), on CD, DVD, USB flash drive or memory card on the following address: Al Pack d.o.o., Tolminska 14, 24000 Subotica, Serbia.